Silks That Shine: Celebrating Noteworthy Jockey Attire

by Ryan Biddix

Stepping into the world of horse racing is like stepping onto a runway, where jockeys are the models, and their riding attire is haute couture. Explore the fascinating intersection of athleticism and fashion, where jockeys not only race for victory but also race to set trends. In today’s horse racing scene, the following riders are quietly becoming icons of style and elegance, making their mark both on and off the track.

It is important to note that jockeys themselves do not pick their silks, the horse owner does, however jockeys do often collaborate with them. For more information on the process of silk selection and its’ history, read our blog here.

Frankie Dettori

(Wiki Commons)

Frankie Dettori, an Italian-born jockey, is renowned not only for his numerous victories but also for his impeccable style. Dettori’s classic elegance shines through in his tailored riding attire, featuring sleek silks and a polished helmet. His attention to detail and commitment to looking his best has inspired many aspiring jockeys to elevate their fashion game.


Hayley Turner

(Thoroughbred Daily News)

Hayley Turner, a trailblazing female jockey, has shattered gender barriers in the sport. She’s also made a statement with her fashion choices. Turner often sports vibrant silks and is not afraid to incorporate daring patterns into her racing attire. Her fearless approach to fashion has encouraged others to embrace their individuality.


Oisin Murphy

(Wiki Commons)

Oisin Murphy, an Irish-born jockey, exudes charisma both on and off the track. Known for his stylish bow ties and well-groomed appearance, Murphy has become a fashion influencer in the racing world. He proves that a jockey can be both dapper and successful in the competitive racing circuit.


Silvestre de Sousa

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Silvestre de Sousa, a Portuguese-born jockey, showcases a unique fusion of tradition and innovation in his attire. While respecting the classic silks and helmet, he adds a modern twist with trendy accessories. De Sousa’s style reflects the evolving nature of the sport while paying homage to its rich heritage.


Megan Nicholls

(Horse & Hound)

Megan Nicholls, daughter of legendary trainer Paul Nicholls, is not only making waves in horse racing but also in the fashion world. She often dons sleek, stylish silks that emphasize both performance and aesthetics. Nicholls serves as an inspiration to young female jockeys aspiring to break into the industry.

Jockeys have long been celebrated for their exceptional riding skills, but the racing world is increasingly recognizing the impact they can have in the realm of style and fashion. From Frankie Dettori’s timeless elegance to Hayley Turner’s fearless choices, these jockeys are icons who are reshaping the image of horse racing, proving that fashion and horse racing can go hand in hand.

The Steeplechase of Charleston, with its rich tradition and vibrant atmosphere, exemplifies the synergy between horse racing and style, making it a must-attend event for fashion enthusiasts and racing aficionados alike. It’s events like these that continue to elevate the status of jockeys and remind us that horse racing is not just a sport; it’s a spectacle of speed, skill, and stunning fashion.