Author: Alison Warburton

Steeplechase of Charleston 2022 Race Results

As Steeplechase of Charleston 2022 comes to a close, it is time to release the results for each of the five races. See below for the official results


Photography by John Carlos




First Race: The Charleston Cup 

Winner: Merry Maker/Taylor Kingsley

Prize: $0

Completion Time: 2:40

Second Race: The Post and Courier Cup

Winner: Captain Middleton (L)/Freddie Procter

Prize: $15,000

Completion Time: 3:55

Third Race: The Editor’s Cup

Winner: Neotropic (L)/Graham Watters

Prize: $30,000

Completion Time: 3:53

Fourth Race: The Lexus Cup

Winner: PLEASECALLMEBACK (L)/Barry Foley

Prize: $20,000

Completion Time: 4:24

Fifth Race: The Alston Cup

Winner: Topic Changer (L)/Barry Foley

Prize: $35,000

Completion Time: 3:56





Which Lexus Model is Right for Your Steeplechase Experience?

Which Lexus Model is Right for Your Steeplechase Experience?


The beauty, the grace, the style – the magnificent beasts that race down the track and leap over barriers in the Steeplechase of Charleston represent all that and more. There’s nothing quite like the pageantry of the sport of kings, this year presented at Stono Ferry Racetrack on November 13.

Beauty, grace and style await drivers of Lexus automobiles, the avatar of luxury that offers drivers the opportunity to Experience Amazing. Dependable and elegant as a thoroughbred, a Lexus is as quiet and smooth as a cat, with comfort fit for a king.

So, what model Lexus from Hendrick Lexus Charleston is right for your ride to the steeplechase? That depends upon how you plan to experience it.

  1. General admission – If you’re taking in this unique family-friendly event with the fashionable crowd, you’ll want the best-selling SUV in history, the RX 350. After an afternoon of exhilaration at the racetrack, ride home in the RX, performance-engineered to take exhilaration to even great heights. The RX packs 366 horses under its hood and its advanced suspension and all-wheel drive ability deliver thrills long after the equine rumble has faded. Like mounting a trusty steed, once you drive this vehicle, you will never want to drive another.
  2. Tailgating – For an afternoon of picnicking you want the family-sized SUV, the LX 600. Combining unbelievable durability and luxury, the LX comfortably seats seven people and the power to tow 8,000 pounds. That is plenty for a trailer and five horses, not to mention all the food and paraphernalia you need for a spectacular tailgating experience. Outlets in the back and speakers from the class-leading sound system in the tailgate elevate the proceedings from fun to breathtaking. And that’s even before the 409 horses under hood demonstrate what incomparable on- and off-road performance feels like.
  3. VIP tickets – For the premium tickets it can only be the Lexus LS 500 sedan, the epitome of space-age technology, unmatched performance and nonpareil indulgence. The king of SUVs and the SUV of kings, the LS is only for those who decline anything but the very best. Ensconced in heated seats and leather trim, and powered by a twin-turbocharged 10-speed variable engine and blind spot monitoring, you’ll regret bringing your vehicle to a stop – until the steeplechase begins. When the last horse has crossed the finish line, you’ll return to the sporty styling of dark vapor chrome and unrivaled craftsmanship for the glide home.

Visit Hendrick Lexus Charleston’s newly reimagined luxury showroom, elegantly shaped to reflect the power and grace of this amazing line of vehicles. Discover a sales experience that is as pampering as the inside of a Lexus. Owning a Lexus means having the best service reps at your fingertips, a pleasant departure from other luxury brands.

Hendrick Lexus Charleston and its staff take care of their customers and their community, supporting the Lowcountry Food Bank and providing furniture for homeless veterans who find shelter and are working to get back on their feet. The dealership staff at Hendrick Lexus Charleston are as expert in taking care of people as they are at automobiles.

Steeplechase of Charleston provides a single day of exhilaration once annually. To make that feeling last all year, visit


The Lexus Julep with Blade & Bow


Want to #ExperienceAmazing with this miraculous mint julep? 


The Lexus Julep
Photography by Stephen Massar


The Mint Julep has been the traditional beverage of Churchill Downs and the Kentucky Derby for nearly a century now. This year we are establishing this tradition with Lexus and Blade & Bow for Steeplechase of Charleston.



-8 Mint Leaves

-1/4 Simple Syrup

-2 OZ of Blade & Bow Bourbon

Garnish: Mint Sprig

Garnish: Angostura Bitters (Optional)


  1. In a Julep cup or rocks glass, lightly muddle the mint leaves in the simple syrup.
  2. Add the bourbon, then pack the glass tightly with crushed ice.
  3. Stir until the cup is frosted on the outside.
  4. Top with more crushed ice to form an ice dome, and garnish with a mint sprig and a few more drops of bitters (optional)


Enjoy Responsibly! 


7 Reasons Why You Don’t Want to Miss #SteepleCHS

Seven Reasons You Don’t Want to Miss Steeplechase of Charleston 2022

by Ryan Biddix

Photography by Jessica Yurinko

  1. The Horse Races

The premiere attraction at the Steeplechase of Charleston is our five, high-stake horse races: The Charleston Cup, The Post & Courier Cup, The Editor’s Cup, The Lexus Cup, and The Alston Cup. This year we’ve bumped up the purse prize to $100,000, making the stakes higher than ever before. In addition, we will be crowning champions at the end of each race.


  1. Corgi Cup

In partnership with Lowcountry Corgis, we will be hosting the first-ever Corgi Cup. Over ten stubby and short-legged corgis will be competing in two races around the racetrack for the ultimate prize of the Corgi Cup crown.

Photography by Caroline Herring

  1. Merchant Market

From leather goods to fine art and jewelry, Merchant Market is the perfect place to do some early holiday shopping. With over thirty different merchants, you are bound to find the perfect gift for that perfect someone. Check out our list of confirmed merchants here

Photography by Caroline Herring

  1. Live Entertainment

Coming to the stage this year at Steeplechase of Charleston are Southbound 17 and the Yum Yum Boys Old Time Jazz, both local to the Charleston area. They will surely have your feet tapping and mouths moving to the melodic tunes of folk and jazz.

Photography by Caroline Herring

  1. Opera Performance by Halo

Holy City Arts and Lyric Opera, aka HALO, will be performing the National Anthem in an operatic style during the Opening Ceremony. This local nonprofit arts organization takes an all-inclusive approach to exploring the world of opera. Offering school programs, historical walking tours, opera courses, house concerts, and full-scale productions, the goal of HALO is to make opera more accessible to everyone.

Photography by William Quarles

  1. Color Guard Ceremony by Citadel Cadets

The Color Guard ceremony, which takes place during the Opening Ceremony, will be performed by the Citadel’s Regimental Color Guard, advised by Lieutenant Colonel Remsen (SCSG), Citadel class of ’94.

Photography by Caroline Herring

  1. Food Trucks

With seven different food trucks, you are sure to find food that suits your taste buds. Coming to Steeplechase this year are Verde, Booze Pops, Fed Up Food Truck, Hamby Catering Food Truck, Mama Dot’s Food Truck, Prancing Pony Coffee Truck, and the RiverDogs Food Truck.

Confirmed Merchants for Merchant Market

Confirmed Merchants for Merchant Market

Merchant Market is the perfect place at the Steeplechase of Charleston to get all of your holiday shopping done. With over thirty different merchants, you are sure to find something special for your significant other, close friend, or family member.

Merchant Market at Steeplechase of Charleston.
Photography by Caroline Herring.


We have some returning merchants, as well as new ones!

Here are the confirmed merchants for Merchant Market at Steeplechase 2022:

  1. Ace Basin Cocktail Company
  2. Ala Von Auersperg
  3. Brackish
  4. Carol Wells Collection
  5. Charleston ECO Jewelry
  6. Chipper Dog BBQ
  7. Cotton Patch Hemp
  8. Crosby Interiors
  9. Darling Clutch Company
  10. Designs by Colleen
  11. Dust & Sunshine
  12. Fascinated by Hats
  13. For All the Tea in Charleston
  14. Georgia Belle Candle
  15. Indigo Bee Company
  16. Jahde Leather Atelier
  17. Leaf Filter Gutter Protection
  18. Luxe Mobile Cigar Lounge
  19. Margerite & Motte
  20. Meena Creations
  21. Michael Noelle Leatherworx
  22. Old Man Oyster
  23. Old McCaskill’s Farm
  24. Paradise Home Improvement
  25. Refreshing Moments with Sharon
  26. Saltwater Cowboy
  27. Sargent Illustrations and Design
  28. Sea Flower Jewelry
  29. Therapy Life and Style
  30. Zinnialou Designs

Who are you most excited to see at Merchant Market?