Captain Jamie Hough has made a name for himself in a few ways here in the Lowcountry. Hough is a National Champion tournament angler, Captain of Redfish Mafia Charters, and owner of Redfish Mafia Apparel. He’s a charitable citizen who gives relief to hurricane-affected areas. He’s a reality TV contestant having appeared on MasterChef. And now, the South Carolina native is bringing his gourmet expertise to Steeplechase of Charleston with the ultimate tailgate menu.

Carrying the nickname The Chef Redneck, Hough embodies the southern spirit that charges through the Steeplechase of Charleston. He is a full-time fishing charter guide through his company Redfish Mafia. His tour takes guests through inland Charleston marshes and out to the coast, guided by Hough’s over 22 years of fishing experience.

After the devastation of Hurricane Dorian, he visited Hope Town in the Bahamas to provide meals and supplies. Jamie and his wife run the Charleston nonprofit Southeast Rescue and Relief to communicate and provide critical supplies to those who are impacted by major storms.

On the culinary side, Hough was recently a contestant on the 10th season of MasterChef. He spent six weeks away from his charter work to compete for host Gordon Ramsay. Hough was eliminated in ninth place, but had plans for his potential $250,000 prize had he won. He says he would have used the money for a food truck to serve people in need on the road during disasters.

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