Meet the Team: Misty Simons


Welcome to our new installment of “Meet the Team”, where you can get to know key members of our fantastic production team.

This week we are spotlighting, Partnership Development Director, Misty Simons. Help us welcome her!


Explain your role with the Steeplechase of Charleston.

If you had to describe your role using only horse-related puns, what would you say?

Making it rein in sponsorships! Horse races are over fast, but branding your business with Steeplechase of Charleston will last a lifetime. My job is to help businesses reach their overall goals through a successful event partnership with the Steeplechase of Charleston.


Tell us about your most memorable Steeplechase moment.

I would have to say my most memorable moment would be in the 2021 pre-race. We did two fashion shows with Dillard’s (West Ashley and North Charleston) with our feathered horse in tow. We rolled that thing all over Charleston it seemed! The funniest part was rolling it through the fine china department at Dillard’s. That day I was thankful to be on a fun spirited team with wonderful event “husbands”


Share an unexpected challenge you’ve faced while preparing for the Steeplechase of Charleston.

I would say the most challenging part that we all learned in year one was weather. It literally effects everything and we have ZERO control over it. In the event world you know that rain can change an outdoor event, but for Steeplechase you have to worry about a whole week of weather. Every drop of rain can change how we load in, how and where vendors can set up and even where we can drive across the track. Ensuring the safety of the horses and riders is extremely important, so with Steeplechase you stress about weather in a whole different way!


What goals do you have for this event and its participants?

My goal is to create sponsorship opportunities that will not only be a huge success for my clients, but also a great experience for our attendees. Cool activations always make for a great event.


What’s your “Race Day” theme song?

Funny enough, “Eye of the Tiger.” Race week is a long week and even though we are exhausted, race day is what we all have been waiting for and that song literally is in my head the whole day to help push through!


As we peel back the curtain on the Steeplechase of Charleston organizers, the spotlight will soon shine on another member of our dynamic team. Keep an eye out for the next installment!