Spring is back and so is Steeplechase of Charleston! King Street is flux with eager visitors, beaches are busy with blissful tanners, and restaurants are filling up famished diners. Soon enough, we’ll be back at the tracks, dusting mud off our elegant race outfits.

What is a Steeplechase?

You’ve got 207 days to learn everything you can about Steeplechase of Charleston– and we’re here to help. First, refresh: how are steeplechases different from a running race?

Most people are familiar with the classic, Olympic sprint races, but steeplechases take on exciting new heights. This is a distance horse race, involving obstacles for competitors to surmount. These laps of leaps last for 4 to 6 miles and challenge young thoroughbreds to jump over steel frame fences topped by a plastic brush.

You’ve got the rundown of the race. Secondly, you need our story. The Steeplechase of Charleston has all of the anticipation of the race in all of the rich South Carolina beauty. Located at the Stono Ferry Racetrack, viewers get to enjoy one of America’s most traditional sports while being surrounded by the greenery of Hollywood, SC.

2020 Steeplechase Highlights

After a year of unpredictability, 2020’s Steeplechase of Charleston brought a new kind of anticipation– who would stand apart at the day’s end? This sorely needed entertainment consisted of five races throughout the day, with racehorse Bet The Pot clinching the Post and Courier Cup for $20,000.

Trainer Jonathan Sheppard and jockey Gerard Galligan cleaned up with winnings from 4 out of the 5 races. Their successes put Steeplechase of Charleston on the map for National Steeplechase Association titles.

Next Moves

It’s already time to spring into Steeplechase of Charleston. From the race, the people, the history, and the style, Steeplechase of Charleston is a unique experience that welcomes viewers from near and far. And you can be a part of it.

We’re a quick 207 days away from Steeplechase of Charleston, but who’s counting, right?