⭐ Stars of Steeplechase ⭐

by Ryan Biddix

Ladies and gentlemen, horse enthusiasts, and racing aficionados, welcome to a grand spectacle like no other – “The Stars of Steeplechase”! Tonight, we gather to celebrate the indomitable spirit of equine athletes who have not only graced the hallowed tracks but have also soared to majestic heights at the revered Steeplechase of Charleston.

Tonight, we honor their prestigious achievements, for they are the true stars that shine brightly on and off the track!



This list wouldn’t be complete without our two-time winning champ: PLEASECALLMEBACK. This thoroughbred won the 5th Race in 2021 and the 4th Race in 2022! Its career stats are as interesting as its name!

Career Stats: 5 firsts/10 seconds

Total earnings: $237,560


Bodes Well (IRE)

Another high career earner. Bodes Well (IRE) was raining champ in the 3rd Race in 2019!

Career Stats: 9 firsts

Total earnings: $197,483



Just won the Kirkover-Woodward Cup in April, making it the 700th career win! This thoroughbred also won the 5th Race in 2019.

Career Stats: 6 firsts

Total earnings: $122,457


Honorable Mentions:


Won 3rd Race in 2021

Career Stats: 5 firsts/7 seconds

Total earnings: $175,926



Won 2nd Race in 2021

Career Stats: 5 firsts/5 seconds

Total earnings: $159,613


Here’s to the Stars of Steeplechase – may their careers continue to flourish and inspire, reminding us of the beauty of pursuit and the thrill of victory.