What is a Steeplechase?
Not to be confused with the Olympic running race, the Steeplechase of Charleston is a distance horse race in which Read more.
10 Things You Didn’t Know About Steeplechase Horses
10 Things You Didn’t Know About Steeplechase Horses All eyes are on them during race days, but how much do Read more.
2 minute interview
    Steeplechase of Charleston 2019 will conclude with a 2 and 3/8 mile race. Strong horses can build their Read more.
Horse Racing Fashion
While the Steeplechase is a premiere sporting event in Charleston, race-day fashion is just as important as the race itself. Read more.
Equestrian Art | Evolution and History
Equestrian Art and Steeplechase of Charleston Equestrian art has been around for even longer than horse racing (read more about Read more.
Open your Tailgate With the Wave of a Key Fob
Over the years, GMC has continued to hone its reputation for producing one of the world’s most reliable professional-grade, heavy Read more.
In the Loupe with Diamonds Direct
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Mystery Air Drop
...just bring your iPhone! Steeplechase of Charleston will be giving away a host of amazing prizes in the most unique Read more.
Dressed in Dumas
Steeplechase of Charleston is thrilled to have M. Dumas & Sons as our official menswear sponsor. With race day soon Read more.
Farm to Stable
Steeplechase of Charleston 2019 is presented by Baker Motor Company. We took a ride with Jacques and Carrie Larson in Read more.