Race day is nearing and it is time to plan your best Steeplechase of Charleston tailgate spread and what it will  include. Creating the perfect batch drink will make serving a large number of guests much more efficient. It can also be the perfect touch to finishing off a marvelous tailgate.

This year Explore Charleston pointed our team to one of the best bartenders in town, Michael Moore of 39 Rue de Jean, to skillfully craft the perfect drink featuring both of our sponsored spirits, Maker’s Mark and Sweet Grass Vodka.

When Michael was creating these recipes he wanted to keep it simple, classic and traditional. He threw in a subtle southern twist on his version of an Ice Pick by adding his own honey (Yes, he is a beekeeper too!) and white peach puree to add additional sweetness.  For The Lexus Cup Whiskey Smash he put a spin on the Derby classic, The Mint Julep. Again, instead of using traditional sugar, Michael’s creation is sweetened with his own honey and includes fresh lemons.

Each of our batch recipes makes 8 drinks and can be easily doubled, or more if you have a larger crowd.

Glasses up! See you at the races!


The Ice Pick (8 drinks)

2 cups Sweet Grass Vodka

6 cups unsweetened tea (Lipton brand)

1/2 cup white peach purée

1/2 cup honey simple (recipe follows)

1/4 cup lemon juice

Pour Sweet Grass Vodka into pitcher along with white peach purée and stir. Add unsweet tea, lemon juice and honey syrup and re-stir. Pour over ice and enjoy!

The Lexus Cup Whiskey Mash (8 drinks)

2 cups Maker’s Mark Bourbon

2 lemons ( cut into 1/8’s )

25-30 mint leaves

1/2 cup honey syrup (recipe follows)

Juice lemons into pitcher. Set lemons aside. Add mint and muddle /smash until oils are released.  Add lemons, Makers Mark Bourbon, honey simple and lemon juice to pitcher and stir.  Taste and adjust flavors. Poor over ice and Enjoy!

Honey Syrup

1/2 cup honey (local Rooftop Bees and Honey brand)

1/2 cup honey warm water

Stir together until dissolved.

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