...just bring your iPhone!

Steeplechase of Charleston will be giving away a host of amazing prizes in the most unique fashion this year! Welcome to Mystery Air Drop, a sponsored giveaway for racegoers with Apple iPhones. You can win prizes from:


1. Join us race day Nov. 17 at The Plantation at Stono Ferry Racetrack.

2. Be sure your iPhone AirDrop/Bluetooth settings are ON and set to receive from Everyone.

3. Listen for the announcer at the end of each race announce the giveaway.

4. Have your phones ready as you may be randomly chosen to win.

5. If you receive the Mystery AirDrop photo with the Prize, save/screengrab. There will be instructions on how to redeem your prize.

6. Only (1) prize will be given per Mystery AirDrop.

*We will not be sending any other communications via AirDrop. You must be present on race day to be eligible. If you receive the Mystery AirDrop to your phone, you must register your win with an employee of Steeplechase of Charleston on Race Day. Instructions will be provided to all winners. All offers are non-transferable. This offer excludes all employees of the Evening Post Industries.*